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At Vanity Pet we understand the needs of you and your beloved pet. We provide a  professional high quality skill set  along with comprehensive knowledge of the importance of having your fur-baby groomed. With regular grooming, not only does your pet look and feel amazing, it also gives us an opportunity to spot any potential skin problems, unusual lumps, ear issues and other possible issues that may require veterinarian attention. 

We use only premium natural shampoos and products to meet the requirements of your pets needs. Whether your pet needs a hypo shampoo for allergies or medicated to soothe skin issues, we never charge extra.

We offer a safe, clean, calm and friendly environment for your fur-baby.  Once your pet walks through our doors they become a member of our family.                                                                                                               With over 15 years of experience, we realize that grooming uses knowledge, ability, skill and art. We offer any type of style that works for you and your pet...from specific breed styles, to the easy maintenance pet trim.

** Vanity Pet is Vet recommended**

Your stylist specializes in cat grooming, hand scissoring, hard-to-handle pets, and senior pets.  All require special handling techniques and training

Vanity Pet is proud to say that we have customers that travel in from the United States to Toronto for our Hand Scissoring skills

To be able to hand scissor a dog from head to toe takes additional training, talent, and continuing education on new techniques. This is only part of the reason our customers travel in from such distances..and keep others coming back



Professional Dog and Cat grooming salon