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In a calm and controlled environment for capturing high-quality portraits of you and your pets, allowing for precise lighting and background manipulation to create the desired mood and aesthetic.


Provides a timeless and emotional portrayal of your pet’s spirit, capturing their personality and capturing memories to be cherished for a lifetime, perserving their legacy and the bond between you and your pet for generations to come.


I would absolutely recommend Vanity Pet Studio for anyone wanting to get photos of their pet done. Jaz was lovely and respectful of my dog the entire time, she created a lovely atmosphere where my pup could be a goofball. The quality of the photos are fantastic as well and she has so many options for how you can have them printed and displayed. Jaz herself is a lovely kind person who takes such joy in her profession. All around a lovely experience.


Jaz (Jacinthe) Grenier



As a pet photographer, I bring a unique combination of technical skill and a good understanding of animal behavior to my work. I am able to capture the personalities of the pets I photograph through my ability to connect with them and create a fun and relaxed environment for them to be in. I understand that pets can be unpredictable and I have the experience to work with you and your pet(s) in a way that ensures I get the best shots possible. Additionally, I am able to create stunning images that truly capture the beauty and personality of the pets I photograph. My goal is to create a pleasant and enjoyable experience for both the pets and their owners while creating lasting memories through my photographs.


– Jaz

My simple 5 step process

1. Contact Me

Fill out the contact form below or send me a quick email.  I will contact you to discuss your needs and make sure I’m the right fit for what you are looking for.  If so, then we will book a date/time for the photo session of your choice.

2. Before The Session

Once we have a confirmed session date/time, you will introduce your pet and tell me more about his/her personality, and if there is anything special about your pet that might be important to capture.  We will go through what will be involved during the session and what to bring.

3. Day of Session

Let’s make this as comfortable and fun as possible for you and your pet.  We will take the time required for your pet to become comfortable in its new surroundings, review props and backdrops available, adjust studio lighting, then capture beautiful images of your pet(s).

4. Selection

We will schedule a purchasing appointment for us to go through the images captured.  You decide which images you wish to purchase, and the options for prints (matted prints, album, wall art, etc.).  I apply light retouching for the finished product.

5. Images Ready

Your ordered images will be printed and framed (optioal).  Once ready, I will contact you and arrange for a time for pickup (or delivery).  This is the exciting moment of seeing the beautiful images that will hang on your walls for you to treasure forever.  Yes, you may even shed a few tears!

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